Tulku Jamyang

Tulku Jamyang Gyatso (TJ), born 1977, is a contemporary Tibetan artist  residing  in his home country of Nepal. He uses the unique medium of  incense and rice  paper to create Tibetan themed art. Since childhood, TJ  was trained in  traditional Tibetan art from his father Ugen Dorjee, a  renowned thangka painter.   TJ was also taught traditional Tibetan  calligraphy while living in a  Buddhist   monastery as a monk. Recognized as a  reincarnated Tulku (Tibetan  Buddhist   master), TJ has unique life experiences of intensive monastic Buddhist  training and international travels as a Buddhist teacher. His dedication to  spirituality and Tibetan Buddhism is clearly expressed in all of his work. His art is  influenced by his brother Tsering Sherpa, a fellow contemporary Tibetan artist.  He finds further artistic inspiration from the works of Andy Warhol, Joseph  Beuys, and Gerhard Richter.

Contact: www.tulkujamyang.com