tibetan art links

Other Contemporary Tibetan Art Groups

Gendun Choepal Artists Guild, Lhasa

Sweet Tea House Gallery, London

Tibetan Arts in Exile, Dharamsala


Contemporary Tibetan artists sites

Some of the the below artists live in Tibet. They have been added to this resource

from the worldwide web and their consent has not been sought neccessarily.

Contact info@mechak.org to submit your site

Dedron, Lhasa

Dhumkhang, P. N., Dharamsala

Gade, Lhasa

Gyatso, L, Boulder

Lamdark, Kesang, Zurich

Phuntsok, Karma, Kyogle

Nyandak, Tsering, Lhasa

Tashi, Tsewang, Lhasa

Weinreb, Palden, New York


Traditional and related Tibetan visual art

These sites have been chosen primarily because they provide a lot of visual information

on their websites. Let us know if you know of any other great sites. info@mechak.org

Himalayan Art Resources (Primarily Tibetan Art)

Ancient Tibetan Rock and Metal Art

The Newark Museum (Tibetan art collection), Newark, USA

Tibet Photo Project

Tibet Map Institute

Tibet Images

Tibetan Wall Paintings, Brown University