Tenzin Phakmo

My first paintings began with my love for Art. My inspirations were the daily life style of people around me and for some reason I always wanted people to experience the beauty within everything i felt. Working with local Nepali artists steered my art more into a Nepali Art. But, later on as my art grew maturity, it felt in need of an origin, base and a big sense of what I really was deep within; thats when my art felt a strong connection with my own roots being a Tibetan. My love for strokes, the richness in color always gave form to beautiful imaginations and as I always wanted to be true to the reality of images, hence I started taking photos before i start an actual painting. My imagination came first followed by my photos and then i try to do justice with a combination of these true and then as easy as it seems but, in reality each painting of mine has a distinct story behind it. Some paintings has certain relationship with the previous ones, as well as some are just by themselves.

 I started my first paining with my love towards watercolor, the way the water helps me guide through the beautiful colors of life was a wonderful experience. But later when I laid my hands on Oil colors, it was an extraordinary level of comfort, with oil colors i love working both with brushes and pallet knives. The richness and the thickness in color and stroke helped me set a permanent foot in my expression on paintings. While working on a painting it is like attaining nirvana within seconds and i know that trying to put that feeling on words wont do much justice at all. After creating a piece, each painting carries with them a piece of me, its as if they have a small portion of my soul in them and every single stroke tells my story of craziness for my paintings

  * 'Various group shows' in and around Pokhara, Nepal as well as in Kathmandu, Nepal with Blossom Art Group.
  * 'First solo exhibition' Moksha Gallery in Kathmandu, Nepal.
  * 'Consolation Prize' Western Nepal Painting Competition.
  * NAFA Member (Nepal Association of Fine Arts)
* Commission for The Prince of Nepal. Paras Bir Bikram Shah Dev.
2007 [Relocated to New York City]
  * (6) Painting Commissions, "Private Collection" Mr. Donald Rubin of the Rubin Museum of Art, West Village, NYC.
  * Group exhibition “Tibet in Harlem” Maysles Cinema, Harlem, NYC.
  * Group exhibition "Art for Tibet, 50 Artists for 50 Years" SFT Art Auction (Students for a Free Tibet), Lower East Side, NYC.
* Commision for Machik.