Sodhon was born in Tibet, where he studied art with instructors at the Lhasa Museum school and also apprenticed under master thangka painters Jampel and Thubga.

In 1981, he worked as a volunteer artist in the mural restoration project at Drepung Ganden Phodrang, the monastery and traditional seat of the Dalai Lamas, which was almost completely destroyed during the first years of the Chinese occupation.


In 1988, he crossed into India and became a resident artist in the Education department of the Tibetan government in exile, where he illustrated books and created educational materials for children. In 1999, he became an instructor at the College for higher Tibetan

studies at Sarnath where he taught creative skills to teacher trainees.

Sodhon has collaborated on projects with many Tibetan cultural groups including the Library of Tibetan Works and Archives, Tibetan Institute of performing arts, Tsampa literary group and Amnye Machen.


Since 1988, Sodhon has been working on his art and developing work that has been exhibited by Khoj international artist group in New Delhi and various shows in Dharamsala, the center of Tibetan cultural activities in exile.