Rabkar Wangchuk


I was born into refugee parents who fled the Communist Chinese occupation of my ancestral land, Tibet in 1959. I started defining moments in forms of paintings and drawings from age seven. I studied Tibetan Buddhist Philosophy for seventeen years at the Gyudmed Tantric University in India. There I received trainings in Tibetan Thangka paintings from qualified masters from Tibet like Venerable Ngawang Norbu la and Venerable Sangye Yeshi la. Under the shadow of these gurus I have been trained with qualifications in the Art of Wood-Carving, Sand Mandala, Butter Sculpture and Stupa Architecture. Over the years I have also been kindled with inspirations from great artists like Dali, Gauguin, Picasso, and Gongkar Gyaltso etc., I believe the transmutation of artistic gene happens among potential human artists by gazing and feeling the moments elaborated in exceptional paintings such as Da Vinciís The Last Supper.


Dharamsala hills in India still holds many stupas and sculptures that I have built in the past. After moving to the West my theme and instinct of painting has evolved and is evolving in its own form, and I am living in this moment. As I try to orchestrate the colours to breathe and express in a form of history on the canvas, I focus on balancing the beauty and the culture of humanities of the past. My paintings try to depict how the identity and way of life changes and challenges itself at this current moment we are living-in. Mostly and most dearly, I paint so that the colours and strokes of my brushes speaks on behalf of all in oneís own investigation and interpretation. I try to define happiness through my art.


My arts have journeyed in a biographical novel, exhibitions, and workshops across the Globe, such as:

∑   Tibet Art Now, Nomads Art Agency, Amsterdam (2015)

∑   Mandala Workshop, Queens museum, New York (2015)

∑   Transcending Tibet, Chelsea Rough Space, New York (2015)

∑   Transcending Tibet: A Preview, Trace Foundation, New York (2014)

∑   Anonymous: Contemporary Tibetan Art, Shelley & Donald Rubin Foundation, New Paltz, NY (2013)

∑   Tantric Vision in Modern Self-Expression, Tibet House, New York (2011)

∑   A Man of Peace, An illustrated biographical novel of His Holiness the IVXth Dalai Lama, Tibet House, New York( 2010-2011)

∑   Healing Touch of Tibetan Art- A solo exhibition- Tibet House, New York (2007) and as well as in France, Germany, Switzerland, Netherland and Japan.

    Please visit my website at: www.rabkartibetart.com