Phuntsok Dumkhang

Dhumkhang is a master Tibetan musician and calligrapher who was born in Lhasa and served in the Tsekhang government lay officers college in free Tibet.
He escaped to India in 1959 and worked as a Tibetan language teacher at schools in Mussorie and Darjeeling. In 1965, he was appointed as Director of the Tibetan Institute of performing arts in Dharamsala where he served until 1970.


In 1971, he joined Tibet House, New Delhi where he taught courses in Tibetan music, culture and language. During this period, he developed his style of bold,elegant and soulful calligraphy and participated in several International conferences

of calligraphy.


In 1989, he went to England where he was invited to teach Tibetan music and culture. During his five years in Britain, he performed many concerts of traditional Tibetan songs and instrumental music to raise awareness of the Tibetan cause for organizations such as the Tibet society and the Tibetan Foundation. His CD release from this period, Songs of Tibet, a series of traditional songs performed with such

soul and purity, remains one of the favorite recordings amongst Tibetans.

Dhumkhang lives in Dharamsala, where he teaches and works on his music and calligraphy.