Marie-Dolma Chophel

Marie-Dolma CHOPHEL
Born in 1984
Lives and works in Paris and New York.

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I paint suspended spaces, neither abstracts nor illusionists. My vocabulary combines elements from asian estamps, landscape painting, cartography, pictograms, comics. The motifs I use depict spaces without geographic reference - chronicles of imaginary lands.

My first impulse and researchwas to develop a language of forms that could communicate a different dimension of space-time,
seeing the world as a constellation of related forms, places, ideas and people. As rhizomes (Deleuze), the networks of lines and shapes open to imminence of events and displacement, suggest telluric and weather phenomena leading to a form of balanced chaos on the canvas.
Born of interbreeding between Tibet and France, I have always been interested in what could build an identity, where people come from, where they go. That's how I developed a language around landscapes. My inhabited spaces search an identity as a metaphor of the human being attempting to gather elements of his memory, migrations, experiences, thoughts and fears.

    "Some painters paint landscapes, Marie-Dolma Chophel paints the din of the world; of the landscapes, she makes formation visible, giving the act of painting an almost divine resonance. The young artist's brush strokes are as many earthquakes and gusts of wind that alter the land.

Painting becomes telluric and each brush stroke leads to natural disasters and continental drift.
       Any work you look at strikes you: it is a pictural creation of the world.
Colors pour on the canvas as multicolored cataracts. Mountainous waves come lapping a few strips of land covered with smoky nuances. Volcanic pigments explode into fumaroles and tinge the firmament. The drips of paint turn into stalagmites, into molten colors or acid-like rains that deepen the ground. Geysers spit out burning glacis while radioactive touches set the flora and the air ablaze. During a lull,
nothern lights illuminate the sky, and their incredible colorings enchant our eyes still fascinated with this chaos of the canvas and of the earth. It spurts, it spreads into puddles, it is the creation and the end of the world, the alpha and the omega. The paint turns into a tectonic force, and is seen as a creative disaster that shapes the world and the canvas."

Laure SALMONA - 2011       (Traduction to english: Johanne CHAPEAU)