Kathup Tsering


Kathup Tsering is a Tibetan translator, poet, writer and painter currently residing  in Austria.  His work appears in Muses in Exile - An Anthology of Tibetan Poetry, the anthologyVOCI - SILENZIO / Voices - Silence, Poeti e artisti selezionati per l’antologia La Follia, otoliths, E·ratio 19 ,<We are visual poetry >,  and quarterly digital magazine THE FOUR QUARTERS MAGAZINE (FQM) and in journals in North America, Europe and Asia.    
“Himalaya’s Night (Notte sull’Himalaya)” was a special selection in the 4th Italy Concorso Internationale di Poesia Castello di Duino competition.  Kathup Tsering sometimes writes under the Chinese pen name, Xue Ling.  Kathup Tsering is online at gangchu.blogspot.com.