Kalsang Dolma


"Born to a first-generation Tibetan refugee family in India, I grew up appreciating and absorbing the rich arts and cultural heritage of Tibet and India.

As a visual artist with a background both in traditional Tibetan art and Contemporary art, I love experimenting with various mediums.  
 I worked in ceramic for about two years . This collection is inspired by the wondrous Tibetan physical, cultural & spiritual landscape intermingling  dynamically with it's rooted  primordial or  ancient art forms.  This series of work stems from my search for that perfection within the imperfect, the odd versus the even. You will see some ruggedness there, which is neither deliberate nor contrived but a natural outcome of my perspective.

Currently finishing up a collection in oil/water color on the theme of Tibetan struggle expressed in geometric lines/shapes. Hope to release by year-end. My passion lies in the arts, language, culture and community development. " Kalsang Dolma is based in Toronto, Canada.

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Contact: kalsangdolmaart@gmail.com