gonkar gyatso

Gonkar Gyatso was born in Lhasa, Tibet and studied Fine Art in Beijing, China and London, UK. Gyatso is the founder of Sweet Tea House (London), the first gallery in Europe devoted toshowcasing contemporary Tibetan Art. Currently based in London, Gyatso's work charts the

subtle shifts in identity and belonging caused by constant migration. From the experience of an exile, Gyatso traverses the hybridity of resettlement fusing cultures and traditions.

Solo exhibitions include: Sweet Tea House, Contemporary Tibetan Art Gallery, London (2004); Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford (2003); The Sontsen House Gallery, Zurich (2001); Walk Gallery, London (1998); International Cultural Centre, Helsinki (1997) & Indian International Centre, New Delhi (1996).

Group exhibitions include: Sanctuary: Gallery of Modern Art Glasgow, Glasgow (2003), Immigration & Diversity Museum, London (2004); Radiant Transmission: October Gallery, London (2003); Gyatso has been the recipient of a Leverhulme fellowship in 2003 as an

Artist in residence at Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford as well as a Fellowship at the Library ofTibetan Works & Archive, Dharamsala, India for traditional Tibetan Painting Studies (1993-5).